I’ve Only Seen Bing Crosby’s Face On A Sculpture in Spokane

I emailed Hobart and in return was sent (through the FLESH AND BLOOD mail) Elizabeth Ellen’s Fast Machine.

Things I liked right away:

+The epigram is a quote from Blake Butler

+The table of contents is so long it looks like a poetry book= lots to read

+It can fit in my back pocket

Today I felt (BLAH BLAH BLAH) buoyant without a place to float, not like I was going to float away, but that I was (blah) without something. But then I found an empty baseball diamond, took off my socks, and read “Bing Crosby Dreaming at the Lamp Post Inn”. Just listen to this first line: “You slow for a light and your husband springs from the light.”

What? Yes. Yes yes. More.

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